It is possible to be a committed Christian in the Police Service, but with the rigours of shift work and other commitments it is often difficult to be fully involved in the life of your church. We believe that fellowship with other believers is important and especially with those who understand the problems associated with police work.

We want to demonstrate that it is possible to live a life based on ethical values that are time-tested. Prayer does change things and we want to encourage those inside and outside the police service to pray for the police and their local policing situation.

We would encourage Committed Christians in the Police Service to identify with each other by becoming members of the Association.


As the N.I. Branch we:

  • Offer New Testaments to students.

  • Organise an annual Holiday Bible week.

  • Have an annual fellowship weekend

  • Have a Christmas meal

  • Hold an Annual Carol Service

  • Financially support a Pastoral worker.

  • Publish a newsletter every three months.

  • Members and supporters meet in a number of different areas in a variety of forums, to provide opportunity for fellowship, ¬†support and social interaction.



  • The Christian Police Association was formed in 1883 by Catherine Gurney OBE, who also helped set up Police Convalescent Homes around the UK.

  • There are branches in the majority of Police Forces throughout the UK, and there are links with similar Christian Police fellowships around the world.

  • The Headquarters for CPA UK is in Bedford.

  • There is no obligation to attend meetings, nor is there a membership fee.

  • The CPA relies on voluntary giving. We are open to all ranks and Support Staff grades, and are well represented at each level.

  • The CPA has policies and strategies to support its five principles of Fellowship, Ethical Values, Proclamation, Organisation and Finance.

  • A National Council of CPA meets quarterly to develop these principles.

NB. The views expressed on this site are those of the CPA and not necessarily those of the PSNI.

To find out more, visit our information page on Policenet or e-mail zCPA.