CPA Lite is a fellowship event organised by the Christian Police Association in Northern Ireland. It’s designed to provide an informal, friendly and banterful atmosphere where serving Police Officers and Staff can come along to meet regularly, support and have fellowship with one another.

We feel that this event will give individuals (even those who have existing commitments at work, church and elsewhere…) an opportunity to attend without having to provide any major amount of commitment to it.

After receiving some general feedback about the current role and activity of the CPA, we have created this event to fulfill the following aims:

  • To build a network of Christian Officers and Staff currently serving in the PSNI, through which we can build friendships then in turn encourage and support one another in our work and on our lives.

  • To Create a Modern, Friendly and Enjoyable environment for each individual event.

  • Provide an up-to-date, concise, Police relevant epilogue at each event.

  • To host each event at a different location across Northern Ireland on the First Friday of Every Other Month throughout the year, starting in February – helping to make CPA Lite accessible to individuals living and serving in different areas of Northern Ireland.

  • To promote Christianity and evangelism within the workplace and create a network of support amongst Christians in doing so.

  • To enable us to arrange social events and activities off the back of events.

  • Make it free to attend.

NB. If you should happen to be a normal response officer, we have calculated that providing you work within an hours drive of an event, you should be able to attend these events on a Friday night at 19:30 hrs without issue on 4 out of 5 of your working weeks, the only exception being on your late weekend… Furthermore, the regularity of the event should mean that you can factor it into your planning well in advance.

This is an event that has been set up for YOU and as a committee, our prayer is that it will help meet your needs as a Christian serving within the PSNI.

The only way it will work, however, is with your support – so we would challenge you to give it a chance, to make the effort and write it onto your calendar with permanent marker on the 6 dates this year. We’re looking forward to an exciting yet challenging 2013 as a Service and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us! Hopefully you can be a part of it with us…