Why should I join the CPA?

If you are a Christian, that is, if you are born again, it is a means of fellowship, friendship and identification with other believers in the Police Service and supports your witness to colleagues.

Are there any conditions of membership?

Yes. You must agree with our Basis of faith and aims of the Association. Membership is open to both Police officers and civilian staff.

Do I have to attend regular meetings?

No, but if you are seeking to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the Police service you will want to share the support, friendship and fellowship of fellow believers as they meet together on a locally organised basis.

How much will it cost me?

There is no joining fee or annual subscription for membership but we  do encourage supporters to give as the Lord leads them. For Serving Police and civilian staff the Payroll giving scheme is an excellent  means to contribute to the work.

When should I join CPA?


How can I find out more about the CPA?

Our website should answer most of your questions, however, feel free to get in touch with specific questions or to be put in contact with a CPA member working or living close to you. Use the button below to access our contact form and use the drop-down menu to narrow down your query.

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