Making a Donation…

The Christian Police Association is funded entirely by voluntary donations from members and supporters of our work.


 Some of our expenses include: 

  • Design and printing of “Checkpoint” magazine, prayer cards and literature.

  • Set up and running costs of our Web page.

  • The printing of posters for Police stations.

  • The purchasing of new publicity stands and materials.

  • The purchasing of Bibles for Trainee officers.

  • The financial support of our Pastoral worker.

  • Helpline costs.


There are three main ways to make a donation to the work of the Christian Police Association:


1. Payroll Giving (Serving Police and PSNI Civilian staff)

The Payroll giving scheme is very simple and is intended for serving employees of the PSNI, both Police and civilian staff. You agree to pay a sum of money directly form your monthly salary, for example £10 per month to the CPA and after Tax relief it actually only costs you £7.80. If you pay a higher rate of Tax a £10 monthly donation costs you only £6.00. The donation comes out at pay branch level and is paid directly to the CPA.

 2. Gift Aided Donation

If you are a UK tax payer and would like to make a donation to the CPA the gift aid scheme allows us to reclaim the tax you have already paid to the government from any sum donated. For normal rate tax payers that means an additional 28 pence can be claimed for every pound donated with 40 pence per pound reclaimed for donations from higher rate tax payers. There is no additional cost to the individual donor; the only person to lose out is the Tax man to the gain of the work of CPA.

You can print a Gift Aided Donation Form by using the link below. Send the completed form to the Treasurer.

Download – Gift Aid Form


3. Other gifts

These can be sent to:
The Treasurer,
Christian Police Association,
C/O Postal Unit, PSNI Headquarters,
Brooklyn, Knock Road,
Belfast BT 6 4LE