We would encourage you to pray regularly for your Police Service…

Thankfully it is rare that many of us will require the direct help of the Police. Because of this, you may not know how or what to pray for. The following prayer points aim to give some guidance although they are by no means exhaustive.


Please pray:

  • That they would build confidence with the public

  • That they would have wisdom and safety in all situations

  • For those engaged in public order or other potentially violent situations

  • When a wrong decision could lead to the escalation of a difficult situation


For Senior Police Officers:

  • That God may guide them as they liaise with politicians and community leaders

  • For guidance as they formulate policy and make strategic decisions

  • That they might have concern for officers and staff of all ranks


For The families of Police Officers:

  • That they might know peace when their loved ones are on duty

  • That they might have understanding when those they love are under stress

  • Officers suffering stress after dealing with sudden death, accidents, the victims of violent crime, etc.

  • Integrity to resist corruption, through contact with those of a criminal disposition or temptation when in a position of trust.

  • Ability to relax off-duty – Officers are human beings and need to rest

  • For others to recognise that officers have a life to lead outside of the Police Service

  • That if resting after injury they would have peace and healing

  • Support staff also need support in the often stressful roles they perform in support of their Police colleagues


Pray for the Christian Police Association Members:

  • That they would feel the need to identify and meet with each other

  • That they would be able to share with their colleagues about Christ

  • That they would be given the strength to live a life pleasing to God both on and off duty

  • That they would be recognised for their faith

  • That they would have great wisdom and sensitivity when sharing with their colleagues

  • That they would be provided with relationships and situations to share their faith

  • That those in leadership would have vision and passion for the job

  • For those Branches without leadership at present

  • For all members, that their witness would be powerful and effective

  • That there would be adequate financial resources as the need arises


National Council and Headquarters:

  • That they would have wisdom to lead the work effectively

  • For them to receive strength and be sustained in their various tasks

  • That there would be adequate financial provision for the work

  • Future vision

  • For all involved in the work